1971 Toyota Carina

First registered in Belgium September 1971. Was found last year in a scrap yard in Spain where is believed to have sat unused since around 1979. These were never sold in UK in the two door version. I believe that this is the only TA12 pre-facelift two door Carina in the UK.

The Ta12’s share exactly the same floor pan as the TA22 Celica's, the running gear is exactly the same with the only mechanical difference being that the TA12 has a twin choke single carb, whereas the TA22’s have twin carbs.
It runs and drives great, A lot of fun, the little 1600cc hemi engine pulls nicely and sounds great!
The only thing I’d do mechanically if I was keeping it is to replace the 4 speed gearbox with a T50 5 speed box which will bolt straight in.

It has been fully recommissioned with many new parts including:

 • New water pump.
 • New head gasket and a second hand head. Valves lapped in.
 • Rear brake cylinders.
 • Front caliper seal kits and new front brake pads.
 • New Flexi hoses all round.
 • Gecko adjustable coil-over suspension.
 • Refurbished Lotus Eclat wheels with new tyres
 • New headlights.
 • Brake and clutch master cylinder professionally rebuilt with stainless liners.
 • New clutch slave cylinder seal kit.
 • Spark plugs, plug leads, points, air filter, oil filter, oil etc.
 • Re-cored radiator.
 • New windscreen made specially by Pilkington.
 • New windscreen rubber.
 • New exhaust back box.
 • New carpet set custom made to original pattern.
 • Lots of Bilt Hamber waxoiling products!

The body is very original, The only rust through was in the lower rear of the front wings and a small section in the right front corner of the roof where the strengthener for the sunroof is. This was all cut out and repaired by myself. I have waxoiled all of the cavities of the car and the underside with Bilthamber products.

Bad points:
 • Seats and headlining need retrimming, dash top is badly cracked(I don’t mind this, just character).
 • Heater blower switch has recently gone floppy and stopped working.
  Paint colour match could be improved.

It was part of the TV series, Lazy Boy Garage which showed on the Dave TV channel earlier this year. I did all of the work on the car during the filming of show and managed to buy it back after the auction from the winning bidder. I then finished it off mechanically and used it for several weeks in the summer. I don't really want to sell it but have way too many cars and some just have to go!