About us

Services we provide:

Vehicle finding Service: 

I have been finding and importing cars from around the world(mainly the US) for 17 years now. I have a great network of contacts and websites for finding classic cars and commercials in the US and evidently have a good eye for finding good, honest, original examples. If there is something you fancy but the thought of trying to find something yourself is to daunting, get in touch and I will happily take on the challenge. 

Vehicle shipping logistics from the US:

With good relationships with a reputable network of shipping companies working together so that a vehicle can be shipped from anywhere in the US smoothly to a port in the UK or even your doorstep. 

Body repair and fabrication: 

I've been repairing and restoring cars for 30 years,  Employed for 8 years in a body shop and self employed for 22 years... from rust repair and paint, to custom fabrication and rust prevention treatment. 

Mechanical recommissioning:  

Specialising in 'bringing them back from the dead', Whether they have sat for 10 or 50 years. Going through and completely mechanically overhauling cars that have sat unused for decades is an important service that I am happy to provide. 

Mechanical upgrades:

Most classic American and European cars drive just fine as they are once nicely rebuilt or recommissioned but if you want and upgrade such as disc brakes, steering rack or complete suspension rework, this is all possible too. 

Custom parts and Accessories: 

From MOON Equipment custom and Hot Rod accessories to standard service and repair parts(this is currently very limited with the Coronavirus situation).  


The History of RoadHouse Motor Co.

RoadHouse Motor Co is a small family run business based just outside Stamford on the South West Lincolnshire/Rutland borders. It was set up by me, Tim Glover in April 2004 After the liquidation of a partnership I was part of which specialised in the restoration of classic British cars, older Volkswagens and Porsches.  

I have always had a passion for Hot Rods and Custom cars since being a teenager, as well as for anything old and retro American... It was on a trip to California in March 2004 that I met the guys at MOON and became a dealer for them, the business just evolved from there. I am still heavily involved with importing and repairing/modifying air cooled Volkswagens but pre 1970 American cars is where my passion and interests are really focused. 

RoadHouse has imported over 50 vehicles since 2004, Some have been put on the road and used for sometime before being sold, some brought in and recommissioned/modified for customers and some have just been brought in and sold immediately after a  good clean up and the unavoidable tinkering, which takes place with the delivery of any new 'toy' 

I always try to buy the most original cars or trucks that I can find, I love good naturally formed patina and there is the added bonus that if it's original or very old paint, you know that it hasn't just been bodged up with a load of filler just to get a sale.